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ATTAPUGITE – Absorbent Granule
An absorbent granule used for the containment and absorption of spills. Supplied in a 25kg bag.

BLEACH 4% – 4% Bleach Solution
For the general-purpose use in cleaning and laundry applications.

BLEACH 12% – 12% Bleach Solution
For use in commercial cleaning and sanitising applications.

CRATEWASH – Cratewash Cleaner and Sanitiser (AQIS CAT 7 DET/SAN)
A powerful chlorinated detergent powder formulated to wash food storage plastic crates.

DISHPIG – Commercial Dishwashing Liquid.
A liquid specially formulated for use in commercial dishwashing equipment.

DISHSMART – Chlorinated Machine Dishwashing Powder
A chlorinated dishwashing powder, specially formulated for all types of commercial and household dishwashers. This product has been formulated for use in hard water areas.

GLASS WASH – Machine Dish Washing Liquid
A concentrated glass washing detergent for use in automatic glass washing machines found in hotels, restaurants nightclubs etc. Use product undiluted.

GLEEM FG – Premium Grade Non Perfumed Dishwashing Liquid (AQIS TYPE A)
A low foaming detergent which is concentrated, yet mild and gentle on the hands. Ideal for washing floors, walls and vehicles as well as domestic and commercial dishwashing.

GLISTEN – Drying Aid for Dishwashing Machines
An effective rinse and drying agent. Automatically added during the final rinse cycle of dishwashing machines leaving crockery, cutlery and glassware streak free.

IMPACT – Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent Cleaner
A heavy duty alkaline cleaner suitable for a multitude of uses from cleaning of workshop floors, oil spills, car detailing, earthmoving equipment, tank degreasing etc. and any other application where heavy duty cleaning is required. AQIS approved type A cleaner.

NON CAUSTIC OVEN CLEANER – For Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaning
A non caustic alkaline cleaner for the removal of baked on oil and food from ovens, cooktop grills and barbecues.

OVENSMART – Oven and Hotplate Cleaner
A caustic commercial grade oven and hotplate cleaner. Works extremely well on barbecue hotplates.

OXYSAN Oxygenated Laundry Cleaner / Sanitiser
A pleasantly perfumed laundry pre-soak for assistance in the removal of stains from white and coloured clothing articles.

A full range of paper products such as toilet paper, hand towel, hand wipes, etc. is available at Chemsmart.

SANICHLOR – Disinfectant Detergent Powder (AQIS CAT 7 DET/SAN)
A free flowing chlorinated detergent powder designed for the cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces in food preparation areas. Also suitable for use in ablution areas.

SMARTCHILL – Premium Quality Coolant (CAT 20 WATER TREATMENT)
Smartchill is a glycol based coolant concentrate containing corrosion inhibitors which can be diluted with deionised water. Designed for use in water chillers in food processing areas and this product is AQIS approved.

SMARTCLEAN FG – Quality Liquid Hand and Body Wash (AQIS CAT 8 LIQUID HAND SOAP TYPE A)
A non- perfumed pearlescent hand and body soap suitable for ablution and food processing areas areas.

SMARTSAN 50– Concentrated Cleaner/Sanitiser (AQIS CAT 7 DET/SAN)
A non-perfumed concentrated cleaner sanitiser for use in food processing areas.

SMARTSAN 120 – Concentrated Cleaner/Sanitiser
An extra strength non-perfumed concentrated cleaner sanitiser for use in food processing areas. AQIS approved.

SMART STRIP – General Purpose Cleaner
Smart Strip is a general purpose cleaner for hard surfaces. This product produces a streak free finish when mopped onto tiled floors. Suitable for use in food preparation areas.

TILESMART – Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaner
A non-toxic acidic detergent designed to remove the build up of soiling from ceramic tiles and grout.

TILESMART ALKALINE – Heavy Duty Alkaline Tile and Grout Cleaner
A heavy duty alkaline detergent designed for use through a commercial scrubber or extraction system, for the removal of soiling from ceramic floor tiles and cement grout.

VISION – Ammoniated Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Blue coloured, mildly ammoniated liquid formulated for the cleaning of windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. Removes dirt and smears with one spray.

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