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B&H SANITISER – For Barbers and Hairdressers 
A specially formulated sanitising agent for hairdressing equipment, clippers and brushes.

A liquid beerline cleaner possessing excellent cleaning power for the removal of yeasts, tannins and beer stone which deposit in beerlines.

BLUKLEEN – Portable Toilet Cleaner and Deodorant
A pleasantly perfumed industrial strength portable chemical toilet cleaner. Does not contain formaldehyde.

Specially formulated powdered cleaner designed for the cleaning and sanitising of professional and domestic coffee machines.

A chlorinated powder for the removal of stains such as beetroot, tea stains and other hard to remove stains from crockery.

FOAMING HAND SOAP POMEGRANATE – Scented Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser Refill
An economical grade foaming hand soap suitable for refilling foaming dispensers in ablution and domestic applications.

HYDROSAN – 5% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
Used in a number of commercial applications contact Chemsmart sales staff for areas of application.

A powdered food grade descaler for the removal of built up lime, calcium and scale from kettles, teapots and urns.

NUCLEAR 60 – Alkaline Detergent Powder
A strongly alkaline detergent powder that is designed for both hot and cold tank decarbonising of cast and steel components. DO NOT use for Aluminium.

ONESHOT ND – Toilet Cleaner and Deodorizer
Blue coloured, pleasantly perfumed liquid ideal for cleaning enzyme and composting toilets. Oneshot ND contains no sanitising agent that can kill off enzymes within the system.

RED DUST REMOVER – Red Dust Remover
A red dust remover suitable for use on trucks, trains, machinery etc. Care must be taken with product due to its acidic nature please contact Chemsmart for correct application procedures.

SMARTCHILL – Premium Quality Coolant (CAT 20 WATER TREATMENT)
Smartchill is a glycol based coolant concentrate containing corrosion inhibitors which can be diluted with deionised water. Designed for use in water chillers in food processing areas and this product is AQIS approved.

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