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ATTAPUGITE – Absorbent Granule
An absorbent granule used for the containment and absorption of spills. Supplied in a 25kg bag.

ECOWASH – Phosphate Free Laundry Powder
A specially formulated phosphate free domestic laundry powder for use in both top and front loading washing machines. Where phosphates cause problems with other water treatment systems, Ecowash is the product to use.

FAST & SMART – General Purpose Cleaning Compound
A mildly alkaline vehicle wash specifically formulated for the removal of grease and road grime. Fast & Smart is biodegradable and safe on quality paints, plastics, rubber and aluminum.

FLOOR IT – Heavy Duty Water based Degreaser/Cleaner
An excellent water based degreaser/cleaner for lube bays, concrete floors etc. Concentrated solutions of this product should not be used on zinc, aluminium, magnesium or oilbased paints.

GREASE BUSTER – Heavy Duty Water based Workshop Degreaser
An excellent water based workshop degreaser for engines, lube bays, concrete floors. Designed as a ‘quick-break’ degreaser suitable for oil separation treatment systems.

HAND SOAP ROSE – Liquid Gel Hand Soap
A liquid gel hand soap suitable for ablution and domestic applications.

IMPACT – Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent Cleaner
A heavy duty alkaline cleaner suitable for a multitude of uses from cleaning of workshop floors, oil spills, car detailing, earthmoving equipment, tank degreasing etc. and any other application where heavy duty cleaning is required. AQIS approved type A cleaner.

KLEENTOUCH GREEN – Natural Solvent Based Hand Cleaner
A gel hand cleaner containing natural orange oil and lanolin together with grit spheres for the removal of heavy grease and grime from the hands.

MARINE SMART – Biodegradable Deck and Bilge Cleaner
A powerful biodegradable deck and bilge cleaner that can be used for general purpose and maintenance cleaning. Marine Smart has been designed for efficient cleaning without any harsh side effects that could damage paint work and other surfaces.

A full range of paper products such as toilet paper, hand towel, hand wipes, etc. is available at Chemsmart.

PHOSCLEEN – Rust Remover and Descaler
For the removal of rust and scale from steel based components. Phoscleen is also ideal for the safe cleaning of aluminium. Can be used to remove bore stain from glass and brick. Phoscleen can be used to dissolve calcium and lime scale.

PHOSCLEEN PLUS – Powerful Rust Remover and Descaler
A Powerful Rust Converter, Lime and Scale remover.

A red dust remover suitable for use on trucks, trains, machinery etc. Care must be taken with product due to its acidic nature please contact Chemsmart for correct application procedures.

SMART GOLD PLUS – Commercial Grade Cleaner
A biodegradable industrial strength general purpose cleaner. Suitable for light to medium degreasing and ideal for general marine cleaning.

SMARTSHIELD – Commercial Rubber and Vinyl Reviver
A milky white emulsion for the preservation and protection of rubber, vinyl and various surfaces.

SMART STRIP – General Purpose Cleaner
Smart Strip is a general purpose cleaner for hard surfaces. This product produces a streak free finish when mopped onto tiled floors. Suitable for use in food preparation areas.

SOLVKLEEN – Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser
A pale yellow solvent degreaser suitable for the removal of grease and oil based soils from engines, floors, mechanical parts, driveways, etc.

TORNADO – Truck and Car Detergent (AQIS TYPE A)
A concentrated detergent for the washing of vehicles. Removes dirt and grime, including that hard to clean road film that adheres to vehicle paint work surfaces. AQIS approved as General Cleaner Type C.

VISION – Ammoniated Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Blue coloured, mildly ammoniated liquid formulated for the cleaning of windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. Removes dirt and smears with one spray.

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